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Chef Jorge Avendaño

I fell in love with French cuisine at age eighteen. First sight was a dreary afternoon in Mexico City, looking for a biology book. Something pulled me toward the food section, where I got lost in time, flipping page after page of these exquisite Spanish and French chefs. When I landed on Juan Mari Arzak, the New Basque master, I was hooked. That canon event forever changed the trajectory of my life. All notions of a career in natural sciences evaporated like steam from a Bordelaise reduction.

Immediately began training in hotels and restaurants around CDMX. Got offered an internship at Pistache. There I witnessed an amazing combination of styles, which I started to incorporate into my own cooking voice. Next stop was the Caribbean where I rooted in Playa del Carmen for a few years.

After Yucatan, I was blessed with an invitation to Noma in Copenhagen. Funny story, Chef Arzak serendipitously came for a visit, and I was the only staff member who spoke Spanish. So I got to be his translator for the day. What a surreal experience! From reading about him, to meeting, chaperoning, and cooking for a world legend, my original inspiration…things were coming around full circle.

In my travels, I also had the good fortune of meeting Alain Ducasse. His talent is remarkable, an institution to himself. A true tour de force. To date, I’ve never had the opportunity to work in France, but from my lips to God’s ears, our group will establish something special across the Atlantic in the near future.

When I got back to CDMX, I was hired by an investment group. We opened six spots in three years. Crazy times! Eventually, I wanted sovereignty over the kitchen, so I borrowed money and created Bastardo in Roma. With just two sous chefs and 25 seats, we were soon recognized as one of the hottest spots in the city. This was the precursor to what we launched near Dolores, and soon to reopen @ 66 Hidalgo!

Fast forward to today, Salvajes is the culmination of two decades of culinary experience, and my deep affection for traditional French recipes. My father was a talented musician, and one thing I’ve carried from him into the kitchen is strict discipline, sticking to the rules. We can improvise, but I have no interest in inventing anything new. Here, we are harkening back to the classics.

Sommelier Aida Garcia

A new mode of service I want to bring to the city of San Miguel is what I call familial hospitality. When you come to Salvajes, you’ll see and hear how we express our love for each other, all while getting a well executed dining experience in a comfortable, stylish setting. It’s a delicate balancing act, casual and formal at the same time, but that is our intention. To make you feel included, to make you feel at home. 

With vino, my vision is to procure exclusive, healthy wines from all around the world. I want to break down barriers of people’s preconceived beliefs of what it can be. Much more than an alcoholic beverage, it is liquid food, embodying the earth and nourishing your soul. You can try bottles here that nobody has in retail stores. Such as natural, biological, and sustainable viticulture from Dovinto in Baja. Soon our group will be a hub for specialty vineyards across Latin America and abroad. 

Along with my partners, we will extend our reach to more locations, so that that we can work while also traveling the world : )

So come over for a visit. You can talk, drink, eat amazing food, listen to an eclectic music list…and visitanos!!!

Join Our Team!

We are restaurant group based in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. 

Between Salvajes, Bastardo, and other venues soon to open, we are always looking for hard working, talented team members. Please share your CV and a message and we’ll get back to you.

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